international art model

Gwen is an accomplished art model with over a decade of experience.  Her commitment to physical expression began with twelve years of classical ballet training, and has evolved into a flourishing career as a globe-trotting, freelance model. She began posing for photographers in 2009, and has continually explored her physical capacities through yoga practice and a variety of dance disciplines. She has posed in Dali’s House, in Gaudi world heritage sites, as a piece of a human motorcycle, across a NYC billboard, and on a catwalk at LA Fashion Week.

After years spent in a vibrant, international nomadic lifestyle, she has settled in Saigon (through June of 2020), and is currently available throughout Asia and Australia.

Fine Art
Equine, elongated, elegant.
Long shaggy bob with fringe.
Natural pubic hair.
Tattoo and modification free.
Proficient with hair and make-up.
Ridiculously experienced.
Emphatically recommended.


Singapore            June 22nd to June 28th
Kuala Lumpur      June 29th to July 3rd
Phnom Penh         July 3rd to July 10th
Hong Kong          July 10th to July 15th
Bangkok              Mid-August
Australia + Bali     September


gwennymph [at] gmail [dot] com

Available to pose for photographers or artists of all experience levels; working with developing artists is a forte and a delight.

In your booking request, please include when, where, and what. A written confirmation is required for all bookings.

No explicit work. No direct display of genitalia, this includes no sexually explicit acts or simulated actions. If in doubt, please ask — conversation enables collaboration.

Contact Info

photoshoot protocol

–presumed for all bookings, unless negotiated–

Payment will be in cash on the day.

The session will be one-on-one. Multi-shooters, multi-models, make-up artists, stylists, etc. are welcome with proper planning. Please disclose any additional parties who will be present.

There will be a secure, safe shooting location.

Appearance upon arrival: loose fitting clothing with light make-up, natural hair, and any wardrobe per request. A variety of other styling options are available.

Appearance after the shoot will be comparable to appearance upon arrival. No body paint, sticky substances, dramatic hair/make-up restyling, sopping wet, bruised, battered, excessive dirt, etc. This is out of courtesy for any subsequent bookings. Can potentially be accommodated if clean-up facilities and sufficient time are provided (within billable hours).

The agreed rate covers the agreed hours. A shoot commences at the agreed start time, and terminates after the agreed duration. (i.e. a two-hour shoot beginning at 10 is wrapped and parties are ready to depart by 12.) Early departures or late starts will not be prorated.

Temperature and weather conditions will be within healthy limits (60°F, hard minimum, additional conditions must be considered) Please consider an indoor backup for all outdoor shoots. Cancellations due to weather will incur a cancellation fee.


$125/hr : $450/four hours : $900/eight hours [USD]

Rates are subject to change per assignment (i.e. video, multi-shooters, etc.)

To confirm a booking, please send a deposit, minimum $100. Confirmed, deposited shoots take precedent if there is a potential conflict.


If a client must cancel:
The deposit is fully refundable within 8+ days notice.

The deposit is retained with 6 to 8 days notice.
50% of the booking fee with 3-5 days notice.
100% of the fee within 72 hours.

A client with outstanding fees will not be rebooked.